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OEM LED Light Panel
Feb 04,2020 | NEWS | View: 134

As an OEM LED light panel, MAX Illumination actively engaged in cooperating with lighting designers, store & retail planners and architects to design and create a backlight led light panel. Our LED panels are high-quality acrylic plates with embedded high performance led strip with a patent heat sink which barely generate any heat. On the other hand, our led light panel product produces a very bright and even light at low power consumption.

OEM LED Light Panel


There is a big difference to conventional lighting panel, our led light panel radiates its own light and does not reflect the light of a foreign body. Therefore, it could work as a display board on the back for lighting fabric, glass, stone and other transparent material.


We provide extreme versatile in design styles with projects in the high-end residential, commercial, marine and hospitality industries, as well as, production and worship spaces. Working with a long list of designers, dealers, representative and custom fabricators, we are cable of offering practical and viable solutions for nearly any type of illumination project.

OEM LED Light Panel

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