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Light Guide Plate (LGP)
Dec 09,2020 | NEWS | View: 134

We design and manufacture a different shape of Light Guide Plate to fit both circular, rectangular fixtures and other 2D shape. The base material is acrylic sheet PMMA, with a density of matrix engraved line that can spread light on the PMMA.

Light input side is available in one light input, two sides light input and four sides light input.

Light guide plate can be made up to a size of 3000 x 1500 mm in a thickness of 4 to 10 mm.A light guide plate is often used with a reflection sheet on the backside and a suitable light diffuser on the front. However, Our Light Guide Plate is not only combination with a diffusive material, but also with translucent fabric, onyx stone, stained glass and translucent material.

Frameless Light Guide Plate

LGPs are supplied with LEDs. If required, we can supply a suitable aluminum tape or aluminum frame to cover edge.

The light guide plate offers a premium solution of LGP for Edge-Lit fixture and frameless application.

Light Guide Plate with Aluminum Frame

The light guide plate is provided with a protective film. It is possible to request a sample of this material. You will receive a complete set of a clear acrylic sheet with matrix line and embedded Leds, a reflection sheet and a light diffuser or other translucent surface.
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