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Light Guide Plate
Jun 30,2020 | NEWS | View: 256

We customize size and shape of led light guide plate. MAX Illumination PMMA matrix grave line cutting light guide plate and laser dotting are for led light panel and led light box.

① Raw material: PMMA.

② PMMA brand: UK Lucite or Japan Mitsubishi.

③ Technology process: Digital UV printing dot. Line Cutting and Laser dotting etc.

④ Edge-lit led light guide plate.

⑤ The thickness of light guide plate is available in 4mm/6mm/8mm/10mm.

⑥ Light uniform is over than 80%.

⑦ led light panel length is 2850mm, and width is 1450mm

⑧ The light guide plate can backlit fabric, textile, glass, wooden veneer, onyx, marble and other translucent material etc.

⑨ RGB Control and Color Temperature Control.

⑩ Single side led light, two led sides and four led sides input.

Light Guide Plate

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