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LED Panel Backlight Table and Counter
Jun 06,2022 | NEWS | View: 424

The custom size and shape edge lit panel backlit table and counter. The backlight panel is super thin which is only 6mm and solid acrylic (PMMA) material so we can lay down the translucent material on the panel.

No matter what size of table or counter is, we are able to custom the exactly size and shape to meet with dimension requirement. And if designer like the colorful or rich color shows on the table, the CCT or RGB, RGBW is also available. LED light guide plate is a good option for backlighting in a display.

We prioritize safety, working stable, short lead time and reasonable prices. If you’re a designer, engineer, contractor, electrician or stone fabricator please contact with us, Backlit stone counter and table can give your environment an astonishing look.

led panel backlit counter and table

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