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LED Panel Backlight Stone Wall
Mar 29,2024 | NEWS | View: 926

Recently, we have a project which using led light panel backlit the artificial stone wall.

1. installing a plywood or backer board on the wall to provide a smooth and sturdy surface for mounting the LED panels. We pre-drill mounting holes on the led panel so we could quickly mount the led panel on the plywood. 

2. Space the LED panels evenly across the wall, ensuring that they cover the entire area effectively. 

3. Plan the wiring layout to connect all the LED panels to the adaptor directly.

4. Test the LED panels to ensure they are functioning correctly before proceeding. We offer warm light, cool light, tunable white, RGB or RGBW options.

5. Turn on the light guide plate and adjust the brightness and color settings to achieve the desired backlighting effect. Many custom light panels come with remote controls or smartphone apps for easy customization.

6. Carefully apply the stone veneer over the mounted LED panels, ensuring that the LED lights are evenly distributed behind the stones.

Enjoy your backlit stone wall masterpiece. Turn on the LED panels whenever you want to enhance the ambiance of the space with their warm and inviting glow.

custom light panel backlit stone wall

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