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LED Luminous Panel
Jun 30,2020 | NEWS | View: 258

Our custom ultra thin and edge-lit led luminous panel is great for backlighting. The light panel is designed to offer a bright, even output of light across the whole panel. It’s available in standard sizes or bespoke to order.

Features of Luminous Panel

1. Ultra-Slim and light—4mm.6mm,8mm and 10mm.

2. Lighting for ceiling, walls, countertop and signage.

3. Backlighting for artificial onyx stone, acrylic, diffuser, fabric, translucent wooden material and other textiles.

4.  Lighting for led light box.

5.  Custom shape and size----Min.50*50mm to Max. 1500*3000mm. And the shape could be rectangular, triangle, round, oval panels or even free shapes. Nearly  every shape can be custom-made in the Basic 2D version. Whether your preferred shape.

6.  The color temperature is from 2700k to 6500K customized, or RGB or RGB-W control is possible.

7.   Low energy consumption—The modern led technology dramatically reduce the luminous panel power consumption as 24watts per square meter.

8.   Longer lifespan with over 50,000 working hours.

LED Luminous Panel

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