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LED Light Sheet Illumination
Jan 31,2019 | Company News | View: 2212

What’s the LED light sheet? We could simple explain the LED light sheet is acrylic sheet with LED stripe to illuminate itself. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, bright and uniform light, ultra-thin, ultra-light, stable and durable, and is increasingly favored by various applications.

The LED panel has the following features

(1) Energy saving. It’s electro-optical power conversion is nearly 100%, more than 80% energy saving than traditional light sources.

(2) Long life. The utility model overcomes the defects of the traditional light source, such as easy burning, thermal deposition and light decay, and is more than 10 times of the service life of the conventional light source, and the performance is stable.

(3) Ultra-thin. The light guide plate is the pure acrylic sheet lighting could be 6mm,8mm or 10mm

(4) Bright and uniform light. The light is completely flat output, and the light is uniform and not glare, and there is no stroboscopic light, which is a good choice for eye protection and comfortable lighting.

What are the LED panels that can be used for?

LED panels are widely used in a variety of applications such as displays, decorations, backlights and general backlit, the most important of which are advertising media for shop and retail store. In addition, the Led light sheet is used to backlit a wide range of translucent material including onyx stone, fabric, stained glass and other translucent material.

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LED Light Sheet

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