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Double Side LED Panel
Nov 18,2020 | Company News | View: 747

The double side led panel can be easily showed information/graphics from the front and back. The led strip is embedded into the etched acrylic sheet diffuses the light evenly across the panel and illuminates the graphic. The thin double sided led panel can be customized in a variety of shapes and dimensions to install in either restricted area or large space. The size of double sided led panel can be a maximum of 2850 *1450mm to a minimum 50*50mm with 6mm and 8mm thickness.


The two sides led panels can be suspended from the ceiling, shop, retail spaces, store and airports etc. The double sided led panel can be placed in a walking way or display area and be visible from two way walker and customers in the shop. It’s perfect and ideal for showcasing advertisements and other important information.

double sided led panel

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