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Backlight Stained Glass and Glasswork
Apr 23,2024 | NEWS | View: 857

We manufacture the customized light panel backlit stained glass and glass art. Creating customized LED panel backlighting for stained glass involves color temperature, shape and size selection. These panels should be custom-designed to fit behind the stained glass panels and provide uniform illumination.Our led panel can provide an even light output with tunable white, RGB and RGBW option.

Backlighting stained glass creates a mesmerizing effect, illuminating the vibrant colors and intricate designs of the glasswork. When light passes through stained glass from behind, it accentuates the details of the artwork, casting a beautiful glow that can transform any space into a serene and enchanting environment. Whether it's in a church, a museum, or even a home, backlighting stained glass adds depth and drama to the art form, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in its beauty and symbolism

For backlighting stained glass and glasswork projects. Please feel free to contact with us.

Backlighting Stained Glass

Backlit Stained Glass

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