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LED Light Sheet

Backlit and Illumination Panel

LED Aluminum Channel

LED Aluminum Profile, LED Aluminum Linear and LED Aluminum Extrusions

LED Light Box

Backlit advertising poster and high CRI

Translucent Onyx Stone  BackLight Project

Back light onyx stone, fabric, stained glasses etc

Featured Products

LED Light Box
Acrylic thin LED Light Sheet
Soft LED Silicone Strip
Soft LED Silicone Rubber Strip and Bendable rubber led tube
LED Aluminum Channel
LED Aluminum Channel, LED Aluminum Profile and LED Extrusion Profile
Edge light led luminpanel for backlit and illumination including onyx stone backlit, fabricate material backlit, stained glass backlit, shop & retail furniture light...

Latest News

Custom Ceiling Light Panel

Custom different size and shape fabric ceiling light panel

LED Fabric Panel

Led fabric panel is for ceilings and walls lighting solution

Backlight Stained Glass and Glasswork

LED Light Panel Backlit Stained Glass and Glass Art Panel

LED Panel Backlight Counter

LED panel backlight counter project

About MAX Illumination

We operated the LED company almost decades, we start from three technician staff who have the same dream to manufacture the most quality Backlit LED light sheet products and to build a mature LED company. We are engaging in backlit LED light sheet, LED Light panel, LED aluminum channel, LED Light box as well as a wide range of accessory parts. In order to perfectly produce LED lighting products, we constantly utilized new innovations and bring the advanced machines and make it a one-stop for safety and quality. Improve efficiency, lifespan, revolution design and to accommodate our clients ensure a world class product. Our strategies are completely taken advantage of LED features to produce right products.

1. Retail & Store backlit application

2. Onyx Stone backlit

3. LED light box for poster

4. Fabric translucent material backlit purpose

5. Stained glass back light

6. LED aluminum channel for cabinet and wardrobe

8. Building and architecture backlit projects

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MAX Illumination Company for LED light sheet, LED light box, LED Aluminum Channel, LED dimmer and controller

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MAX Illumination

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